Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Look Back to April

In early April, I began a blog that got lost when my laptop went ka-poot. One of the very few posts I made was my baseball predictions for 2007. So what better time to go back and check it out than in August when the races really start to pick up? I decided to look back and I realized that I very well could have picked the National league perfectly.

In the West I picked San Diego who is only 1.5 back from the Diamondbacks right now. In the Central I picked the Cubs.. and they just took over first place. In the East I took the Mets. Who, barring a meltdown, should take that division. For the wild card I have the Dodgers, who, by the way, are currently a half-game ahead of both the Cubs and Brewers for the wild card lead right now.

It's also looking like the Cubs are the hottest team in the NL, if not in the majors and the Mets are probably the most talent-heavy. So my prediction of Cubs defeating Mets in the NLCS isn't too bad right now.

In the American League, things are a bit more.. umm.. mixed up. In the west, I had the Angels, who are a meager three games ahead of a surging Mariners team for now. In the central I had the Twins which seems to be my only major mistake thus far, because I just don't see them coming close to the playoffs this year. For the East, as expected, Boston is already on vacation as there's no way the Yankees are catching them, as much as Sportscenter makes it sounds like they're doing. As for the wild card, I had Detroit taking that, but they may be taking the division and home field advantage instead.

I had Boston defeating Detroit to go to the World Series and so far so good I think. Those seem to be the two best teams in the AL, hands down.

Hey, there's a lot of games left and this is not even close to being over, so take this with a grain of salt.. but maybe you should have put money on my predictions.

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