Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ahhh, August

It's the hottest month of the year (at least up here in northern Indiana, that is).

Baseball has just passed the trade deadline and the playoff races are starting to heat up.

And football is starting its engines.

As this is my first blog I'll explain one thing right here, right now: I love all things Notre Dame and Chicago (unless its something to do with a south-side baseball "team").

So in a few months, when the NFL is getting into its own playoff hunt, don't be surprised when its all about the Bears and not about the AFC West.

But I digress. This post isn't about me, it's about football. Specifically college football (I'll get into the NFL later this week).

This coming weekend, thousands of students will return to their campuses and begin training for yet another football season. New coaches are about to be scrutinized. Freshman are going to be given huge expectations for not only the year but their career. New quarterbacks will have cameras and media surrounding them.

Fans are already dusting off their jerseys and flags. They're making travel plans to the Meccas of sports and making plans also to walk into their enemy's backyard with head held high and hoping it stays there on the way out.

The media is already picking their favorites to win the conferences and championships and picking their preseason rankings, so hey, I guess I'm next.

So here it is, my preseason top 10 and predictions for the BCS.

1) USC- This hurts me because I hate them, but they. are. loaded.
2) Michigan- I'm pretty sure they are one of the more talented offenses in America right now.
3) Texas- They're always top five until proven otherwise in my book, and Colt is a year older now.
4) Wisconsin- Yes, that Wisconsin.
5) Florida- Sure they have some play makers but they're young and untested. They probably have the most upside.
6) LSU- I'd put them higher but they have questions on offense this year.
7) Ohio St.- They lost some big names last year on offense and will have to prove they can fill those spots.
8) Boise St.- They own the nation's longest win streak, so beat them before you eliminate them.
9) Louisville- Probably the best quarterback in the nation if you include talent AND experience.
10) West Virginia- Steve Slaton. Enough said.

Orange Bowl- WVU def. Florida St. (Too much offense from Morgantown)
Rose Bowl- ND def. Wisconsin (Irish return to Pasadena, might be a dream of mine)
Fiesta Bowl- Texas def. UCLA (UCLA loses only to USC in regular season)
Sugar Bowl- Florida def. Boise St. (Boise goes undefeated again, but Florida is much different than Oklahoma)
BCS Champ- USC def. LSU (LSU is the best one-loss team in the nation after the season)

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